It’s now proven and possible that MASS HOUSING with all new renewable energy powered facilities are possible, for a fraction of the cost that it used to be earlier.

Slums redevelopment, mass housing for low and middle income groups are all possible.

The use of solar power, water recycling systems, LED lights etc, makes it a more lucrative proposal to build mass housing and also to sustain such projects economically, than they actually are at present in the current conditions.

Improving lives of children and the future generation through proper housing, sanitation, lighting, water and other resources will help countries reduce costs on health and other expenses that they regularly face rising year on year.

Pre Fabricated housing is a huge craze that has caught on rapidly in developing countries, but needs investors to look into this technology for mass housing in other countries in Africa, South America and Asia.

Pre Cast Housing is also a technology that reduces costs dramatically, reduces time of construction and also reduces overhead expenses, thus building stronger homes cheaply and economically sustaining them longer.

REAALS seeks such HOUSING experts to come on board, advertise with us and let the world know what you have to offer.

REAALS also has offers for such investors to come on board in key African cities for

# Slum Redevelopment

# Mass housing for low and middle income groups.

# Redevelopment of fringe villages

Mass housing for relocated slums dwellers and others MUST CONTAIN:

# Solar POWER for their basic energy uses.

# LED lighting for efficient and cheap lighting.

# Sanitation – Sewage plants for recycling water.

# Water purification plants.

# Small clinic locally at the housing area

# Small crèche and other KG / Primary school.

# Playground and garden area.

This will ensure a holistic approach. We seek likeminded investors to transform such CBD areas around the world.

Business Opportunities

On such endeavors to be a consultant or consulting company, REAALS has regularly come across various other businesses, that tie in or even many-a- time are hand-in- hand with projects that one may envisage, for example:

REAALS Meaning!

REAALS, a name not out of a typo error as one might think, but one that has a powerful meaning in itself, Renewable Energy And Alternative Lighting Solutions.

Our Aim

REAALS, has only one aim, bring together all like-minded businesses who care about Green Energy and would like to be a part of making a change in this world to make it better for our future generations

Prestigious Member

REAALS is also a member of the prestigious MCCIA, PUNE, that’s the Mahratta Chamber of Commerce Industries and Agriculture, a reputed organization that helps its members from Maharashtra state, India, to develop / JV / Export technologies and businesses around the world,