Various technologies around the world that offer water purification systems for normal drinking water and also specific purifications for water borne Lead / Arsenic / Iron and other contaminants, that originate from normal ground water or even contaminated from industries in the area.

REAALS has tied up with some companies that are experts in the water industry and can offer solutions, not limiting to, the following:

A) Water purification plants that run on Solar Power, with irrigation pumps being used to pump the water up to tanks and then water purification and filtration plants used with normal gravity to purify the water, and then store it for dispensing.

A great system for parched villages with no clean water to drink, but available ground supply and flowing rivers.

B) Purification of water from flowing rivers, then transporting the same via mobile 3 wheeled autos to deliver pure drinking water to villagers at most minimal costs.

C) NGO’s and other organizations can use mobile water purification plants to avoid Cholera and other major water borne diseases where millions of displaced refugees are housed, preventing major catastrophes and breaks of major diseases.

These water purification plants are available for private, government, resorts, hotels, industrial uses. Any volume. Mostly any contaminant can be addressed.

REAALS seeks such water purification experts to come on board, advertise with us and let the world know what you have to offer.

Business Opportunities

On such endeavors to be a consultant or consulting company, REAALS has regularly come across various other businesses, that tie in or even many-a- time are hand-in- hand with projects that one may envisage, for example:

REAALS Meaning!

REAALS, a name not out of a typo error as one might think, but one that has a powerful meaning in itself, Renewable Energy And Alternative Lighting Solutions.

Our Aim

REAALS, has only one aim, bring together all like-minded businesses who care about Green Energy and would like to be a part of making a change in this world to make it better for our future generations

Prestigious Member

REAALS is also a member of the prestigious MCCIA, PUNE, that’s the Mahratta Chamber of Commerce Industries and Agriculture, a reputed organization that helps its members from Maharashtra state, India, to develop / JV / Export technologies and businesses around the world,